Drinking water projects in Tovuz region are under completion


Projects implemented In accordance with the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev’s orders on additional measures to improve the population's drinking water supply in Tovuz region are coming to an end. These projects envisage further improvement of drinking water supply in Tovuz and solution of drinking water problem in 5 villages where water shortage is observed.

According to the Presidential decree dated March 30, 2018, a new water source is being established to improve Tovuz water supply. For this purpose, a 1774-meter-long drainage water pump is being built in Zeyemchay's bed. It is expected to take 100 liters of water per second. At present, excavation and installation of drainage systems in the river bed are in progress. Water intake facility is expected to be commissioned at the source of the River Zeyemchay in early next year.

A 26 km long steel water pipeline with 530 mm diameter was laid for the purpose of transporting water directly to Tovuz in a self- flow mode. After completion of work on the water intake facility, the drinking water supply to Tovuz will be realized by the transmission main. Thus, problems arising in the drinking water supply of the city and the surrounding villages during the summer months will not be observed any more.

By the way, according to President’s relevant orders, construction of alternative water sources in Gadabay, Lerik and Shamakhi cities is underway.


Within the framework of another project implemented in Tovuz region, new water supply infrastructure has been established in Gadirli, Khatynli, Chilovdarli, Alimardanli and Garakhanli villages suffered from drinking water. Projects on these villages have been prepared in accordance with the Presidential Decree dated April 9, 2018 "On Additional Measures to improve the Population’s Drinking Water Supply" and construction works have been started in the summer of this year. 2 sub- artesian wells were drilled, two reservoirs each with a capacity of 600 cubic meters were repaired and a modern pump station was installed in the area of the reservoir to provide rural villages with drinking water. 40 km of water lines were laid in the villages as a short time and 175 springs were installed for the residents’ general use. Water supply to villages has already started. More than 12,000 residents benefit from drinking water project implemented in 5 villages of Tovuz region.

It should be noted that the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev’s Decree "On Additional Measures to improve the Population's Drinking Water Supply" dated April 9, 2018, as well as the projects implemented in 2018 within the framework of the state investment program cover 41 residential areas in 19 districts . As a result of these projects, more than 58,000 residents’ drinking water supply will be improved in the villages.