Reconstruction and expansion of water supply and sewerage systems in Badamdar settlement

Reconstruction of the drinking water supply and sewerage system of Badamdar settlement is carried out within the framework of the project "Reconstruction and Expansion of the Water Supply and Sewerage System in Baku", co-financed by the Government of Azerbaijan and the Saudi Fund for Development. The loan agreement was signed on November 20, 2009 and the document was approved in April 2010. According to the agreement, Saudi Development Fund would allocate $ 25 million to the $ 63 million project and the remaining $ 38 million would be funded by the Azerbaijani government.

The project reconstruction of drinking water supply and sewage systems of Badamdar settlement has been estimated to improve the use of drinking water and sanitation services by 120,000 people, taking into account prospective development until 2035.

The capacity of the Alatava reservoir will be used to provide Badamdar settlement with potable water. For this purpose, a transmission main will be laid with steel pipes of 1000 mm to deliver Badamdar water reservoir to Badamdar settlement. At the same time, overhaul and reconstruction work will be carried out at the existing pumping station at Alatava water reservoir and Badamdar water reservoir.

According to the project, installation of 57.5 km of drinking water, 61.6 km of sewer lines, provision of household compounds, provision of subscribers with smart meters, installation of 210 fire hydrants in the settlement area are planned.