Central Laboratory


A new building of the Central Laboratory of “Azersu” Open Joint Stock Company was inaugurated with the participation of President Ilham Aliyev on September 16, 2013. The building covering an area of 1800 square meters consists of drinking water and sewage sections. Each section has departments for microbiology, physical and chemical analyses. The laboratory is fitted with equipments manufactured by leading international companies of Germany, France, the USA, Japan, and other countries. The equipment enables determination of physical, chemical and bacteriological properties of drinking water and makes possible to conduct operative, accurate and reliable analyzes.

   With the help “ICP-MS” equipment installed in the most sophisticated laboratory of the region that allows the company to determine the exact amount of toxic and heavy metals, which is considered to be extremely dangerous for the human body, is precisely determined by the exact nano and picogram accuracy. In this case, the solution is heated to 10,000 degrees Celsius, and then the plasma is exposed to the composition of the metals.

Newly-acquired high-precision fluid and gas chromatographic devices determine the residues of water used in agriculture and organic matter containing carcinogens. Anion and cations, which are considered harmful to human health, are analyzed by the ion-chromatographic device. The TOC contains carbon in the composition of organic substances.

   The microbiology analysis room of the laboratory is responsible for detecting dangerous bacteria and these analyzes are carried out in special biological cabinets.

   The sewage section of the laboratory conducts both physical and chemical analyses. Here, there is an opportunity to determine pollution levels in industrial enterprises, to monitor the quality of treated waste water, as well as the composition of water in the discharged basins.

   The new laboratory has also provided the opportunity for conducting analyses throughout the republic. To do that, 6 mobile laboratories have been purchased for the transportation of water samples. The field laboratories are currently conducting analyses of water samples taken in district centers and villages.

For the purpose of international accreditation of the Central Laboratory, employees of the Latvian State Accreditation Institution (LATAK) checked the compliance of the analysis carried out here with international standards and gave positive feedback.