Question1:How is the volume of water consumed determined if the actual reading of the mechanical meter cannot be read?

Answer: If the consumer does not allow the representative of the WSSI to inspect the water meter, the volume of water consumed is calculated according to the average consumption rate used by the consumer within the previous 12 (twelve) months (if the consumption period is less than 12 (twelve) months, actual period is taken). Reports made on the basis of the average consumption norm used within the previous 12 (twelve) months are adjusted in accordance with the actual indicator of the water meter device determined later. The amount already paid by the consumer as a result of the adjustment is taken into account in subsequent reports. At the same time, you can visit www.e-su.az or www.azersu.az and get an electronic notification based on the actual reading of the mechanical meter using our e-service "Submission of meter readings by consumers and the formation of invoices".


Question 2: What should I do to connect the construction site to the water supply system?

Answer: You can use ASAN service, ASAN kommunal centers and district Sukanal Departments to provide technical specifications (connection to water supply and wastewater disposal system). At the same time, subscribers of the population category can apply for this type of service online by visiting www.e-su.az or www.azersu.az.


Question 3: Is there a charge for replacing a lost or damaged smart card?

Answer: In case of loss or damage of the meter loading card, its replacement with a new one is carried out at the expense of the consumer. The amount paid for the card varies depending on the brand of the meter.

Elektromed (Alfasu meter) - 15 AZN

Metlab (Teksan meter) -10 AZN

Absheron (Absheron meter) - 7 AZN


Question 4: I made an online payment to my account. What should I do to transfer that amount to my smart card?

Answer: When the balance is paid online without inserting the smart card into the card reader, the amount is transferred to the subscriber's account, not to the card. In this case, you can transfer the amount from your account to the card at ASAN service, ASAN kommunal Centers or local Sukanal Offices with ID card, payment receipt and smart card.


Question 5: Despite the change in the number of my family members, the calculation is still the same. What do I need to do to make changes to the report?

Answer: In case of changes in the number of persons registered at the address, the consumer must submit a document confirming this fact to the Water Supply and Sewerage Institution (WSSI) within 7 (seven) working days at the latest. WSSI must make the calculation from the date of submission of the document. If the document on the number of registered persons is not submitted by the consumer, the report on water supply and wastewater is made in accordance with the established average statistical composition of the family in the country. To use the e-service to make changes in the family, you can use the "e-services" section of the website www.e-su.az, the "Electronic services" section of the website www.azersu.az or the portal "Azersu" from www.e-gov.az. You can also use the "Subscriber information change" service from the list of electronic services provided by the OJSC.


Question 6: I can't pay the remaining debt in full at once. What do I need to do to pay off my debt in installments?

Answer: You can pay your unpaid debt in installments for using our services. To do this, you need to go to the Sukanal Office with an ID card and sign a protocol on the partial payment of your debt by mutual agreement.


Question 7: Can the water supply to my apartment at another address, which has no debt, be suspended due to my overdue outstanding debt?

Answer: Water supply to another apartment or object belonging to consumer that has no debt may be suspended due to a debt at one address until the debt is repaid in full.


Question 8: How long is the damage calculated in case of illegal connection to the water supply system?

Answer: If it is not possible to determine the date of connection to the water supply system in case of illegal (arbitrary) connection, the volume of lost water is calculated within 1 year in accordance with the Rules of Water Use.


Question 9: I am engaged in commercial activities (shop, barbershop, office, car wash, etc.) in a part of my private house. In this case, at what rate should the water passing through the meter of the apartment be calculated?

Answer: Calculations on the consumer’s objects belonging to different tariff groups in the same or separate territories are carried out according to the tariff established for the consumer group to which each of them belong. For this purpose, a contract for non-residential consumer group must be concluded with the Water Supply and Sewerage Institution for water supply and sewerage services used in this part of the entrepreneurial activity and appropriate smart meter must be installed at the expense of the consumer.


Question10: Is there a charge for laboratory testing of the meter?

Answer: If the state inspection of the meter is carried out at the consumer’s request or through the fault of the consumer, it shall be carried out at the expense of the consumer, and in other cases at the expense of the Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprise.


Question11: Do I have to pay for the meter installation?

Answer:  Supply of consumers with water meters, their installation and replacement is carried out at the expense of the Water Supply and Sewerage Institution (WSSI) in relation to consumers who are individuals (consumer group), and at the expense of the consumer who is a legal entity (non-population group). Subsequent use (lease) of the area (facility) where the water meter is installed is not a ground for the removal (replacement) of the water meter or for the WSSI to require that person to reimburse the cost of its installation.