Connection rules

Requirements for population group consumers

     Owners of private dwelling houses shall apply in writing to “Azersu” OJSC and “Asan Kommunal” centers for connection to water supply and sanitation systems.

      The application should include the following documents:

1.    Copy of the document confirming land allocation for the purpose of construction of concerned dwelling house.

2.    Copy of applicant’s identity card.

To submit an online application one should go to “Online services” section at azersu.az (https://www.e-gov.az/az/login/?return=/az/services/read/3410/)

      After receipt of application, a responsible officer of relevant unit of “Azersu” OJSC conducts an on-site inspection in customer’s dwelling house subject to connection (to supply and sewerage systems) or in the land plot indicated in the documents of land allocation, prepares a sketch of connection and submits corresponding technical specification to management of the company or relevant department for approval in accordance the “Rules for providing a technical authorization on connection to water supply and sanitation systems”.

    A purchase and sale agreement is signed between the producer and consumer after consumer is provided with technical specification. The agreement defines rights and obligations of both parties in accordance with supplying the subscriber with drinking water, met demands of subscriber, adapting to State standards (2874-82) according to its composition and quality, receiving waste water to sewerage line, treatment and discharge of waste water.

   The address of the subscriber and joining point to water line, diameter of the pipe, type, number and the number of the seal of water meter combined, and tariffs of services of water and sewerage rendered to subscribers is reflected in the agreement.

    According to the agreement producer shall supply the consumer with quality drinking water on a continuing basis and receive and transmit waste water to treatment plants.

    The agreement states that the subscriber shall pay for water sold and service rendered by the establishment in a month, ensure the integrity of water meter and seal and inform local Sukanal offices and departments in the case of a failure or improper functioning of water meter is arisen and seals are violated. The consumers shall offer all facilities for representatives of “Azersu” OJSC entering subscribers’ area or apartment without obstacle in order to fulfill their duties. 

     Period of validity, as well as the liquidation rules is reflected in the contract.

     Connection of non-household consumers to existing networks is fulfilled by appropriate services of “Azersu” OJSC at the expense of the consumer. In this case, an agreement is concluded between consumers and “Azersu” OJSC, which defines obligations of both parties.

Connection of private houses to existing water supply and sanitation networks is fulfilled by appropriate services of “Azersu” OJSC and the consumers are not charged any fee.


Requirements for Non-Population Group Consumers

     Connection of multi-storey dwelling buildings, industrial, administrative, catering and other entities to water supply and sanitation systems is fulfilled in the following manner:

1.    In order to gain access to water supply and sanitation services, a customer shall apply in writing to the management of “Azersu” OJSC for Terms of Reference (ToR) on design of such communications.

2.    Application shall include a copy of the document confirming land allocation for construction of concerned object; information regarding all underground communications of the object; structural characteristics (intended use, height etc.) of concerned building; volume of required water and wastewater discharge; and a layout prepared on the basis geodetic survey.

     Relevant department of the Company will review submitted documents, conduct an on-site inspection, prepare Terms of Reference and submit to the management of Company based on the Rules for the issue a technical authorization on connection to water supply and sanitation systems”.

    Terms of Reference for of connection to water pipelines owned by water supply and sanitation enterprises determines the following:

a. connection point;

b. rules for approval design documents;

c. ownership status of the water and sewer connection subject to design or reconstruction.

d. specific technical requirements on structural features of connection;

e. pressure head at connection point;

f. standard requirements with regard to process & instrumentation tools and flow meters;

g.  number of water pipe inlets;

h. requirements with regard to maximum quantity of water transmission, water consumption regime, structural arrangement of reservoirs and pumping stations;

i. Validity of Terms of Reference.

Customer organization shall prepare design in accordance with the Terms of Reference. Design documents shall be submitted in duplicate to the Company for review and concurrence. 

     One copy of water supply design concurred by water supply and sanitation authority is returned to the customer or the design organization, whereas another copy is kept in “Azersu” OJSC for use during the technical supervision and commissioning.

     To ensure connection of objects, constructed and commissioned in full accordance with approved design documents, to water supply and sanitation system, a customer shall apply in writing to the management of “Azersu” OJSC for obtaining technical authorization (multi-storey dwelling houses, buildings must be supplied with water meters and acceptance certificated shall be added to applications).

    The structural department of “Azersu” OJSC inspects the object based on the documents submitted by the customer and prepares the technical specification for connection to water supply and sanitation systems and submits it to the management of Company accordingly.