“Azersu” OJSC

 “Azersu” OJSC is an organization that supplies drinking water and sanitation services in a centralized manner. The Company makes necessary arrangements for extraction of water from sources followed by treatment, transportation and sales. It also takes necessary actions for wastewater treatment. The Company engages in design, construction, operation and maintenance of intake structures, reservoirs, pumping stations, water pipelines and sewer collectors.

   “Azersu” OJSC supplies drinking water to 1629845 subscribers across the country. Total served subscribers include 1567026 household and 62819 non-households.

   There are 20000 kilometers of water lines, 5000 km of sewer and rain water lines under the control of “Azersu” OJSC.  

   At present, projects are being implemented for reconstruction of water supply and sewerage systems in urban and rural areas of our republic. The projects are financed using state funds and loans allocated by international financing institutions. 

The number of employees of "Azersu" OJSC is 13600 according to status data as 1 April 2021.