"Shollar-Baku" Water Supply Facilities Complex     


“Shollar” is the first pipeline laid to supply Absheron Peninsula with drinking water. Entering history as I Baku Water Pipeline, the pipeline takes its source from underground waters in the village of Shollar in Khachmaz, 187 km far from Baku. Construction of water pipeline that designed by English engineer William Lindley coincides with early 20th century. Shollar that was laid with support of famous philanthropist Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev supplies population of Baku with water over 100 years.

  Construction of “Shollar” was commenced in 1911. But the pipeline began to supply the population of Baku with water after 6 years, in 1917 due to interruptions in constructing of water pipeline. February 20 of that year (February 7 according to the old calendar) was marked as the inauguration of the "Baku-Shollar" water pipeline. The project capacity of “Shollar” water pipeline is 1, 27 cubic meters per second (109 thousand cubic meters per day). Initially the capacity of water provided by pipeline that used as “military option” in 1917s was constituted 3/1 part of the project capacity. In 1925 after the technical measures taken in 1930s (additional artesian wells were drilled, capacity of reservoirs increased to 170 thousand cubic meters, the capacity of the pumping stations 3,5 times) the volume of water  increased to 109 thousand cubic meters per day.

   “Shollar” was laid by ellipsoid-shaped pipelines made of monolithic concrete. The pipelines with height of 1,7 m and width of 1,2 m were buried underground along the route taking into account the relief of the area. As a result of works done, water is transmitted to the settlement H.Z.Tagiyev by gravity, from here is transmitted to settlement of Mushfigabad by pumps and from there is transported to Baku again in self- regulatory mode.  

   Shollar” is fed by 24 artesian wells water, as well as spring and lay water. The first siphon typed tunnel is fed by 16, the second by 5 and the third by 3 wells. As well as the fourth pipeline is fed by lay water and 32 springs.

   The capacity of source of “Shollar” operating continuously since 1917 has not changed. The pipeline products on average 1200-1300 liters water per second.