Jeyranbatan Ultra-filtration Water Treatment Plants Complex


     Jeyranbatan Ultra-filtration Water Treatment Plants Compound, which has been designed for qualitative and sustainable drinking water supply Absheron peninsula, was constructed on the shore of Lake Jeyranbatan. The foundation stone of the compound, which has a capacity of 6.6 cubic meters per second or 570,000 cubic meters per day, was laid with the participation of President Ilham Aliyev on September 8, 2011. 

    Within the framework of the project 3 intake hoods were installed for taking water from Lake Jeyranbatan. In parallel 3 belts with a diameter of 1600 mm each were laid at the bottom of the lake. A water intake chamber was built on the shore in order to regulate the volume of water withdrawn from the lake and supply raw water to meet the needs of both newly built and existing treatment facilities. Collected water in intake chamber is transmitted to treatment plant through 4 pipelines with a diameter of 1400 mm each. The pipelines allow to transmit 13,8 cubic meters of water per second for processing.

    Raw water is pretreated in 7 3000-micron automatic self-cleaning filters in mechanical filter building. Large particles in the raw water are removed. Water, pretreated in mechanical filter building, is collected in raw water reservoir with capacity of 10 thousand cubic meters. Here the volume of water is regulated online by remote control level meter. 16 pumps, which are installed on the front of the facilities, provide transmission of water from raw water reservoirs to filter modules at constant pressure. The water given to processing is first cleaned to a maximum of 20 seconds by passing through 200 micron filters and then 0.02 micron filter modules. Controlled by remote control, the water quality indicators, which are mechanically processed individually, are monitored online. The 5280 units of filter module installed here contain 6.6 cubic meters per second or 570,000 cubic meters of high-quality drinking water per day. 6.6 cubic meters per second or 570,000 cubic meters of high quality drinking water per day is processed in 5280 filter module installed in the facility.  

    Water that completed its final treatment process is transmitted to a reservoir with capacity of 10000 cubic meters. The pumping station provides the transmission of water to the reservoir located at relatively altitude. At the same time, 4 shock boiler tanks with 90 cubic meters each have been installed to prevent high pressure that may occur in the pipeline.

   An 11 km carrier belt with a diameter of 1600 mm has been laid from the pumping station to the main distribution water reservoir, reservoirs complex have been constructed with total capacity of 50 thousand cubic meters at an altitude of 118 meters above sea level.  This reservoir provides Baku, its surrounding settlements and Khirdalan city with drinking water.

   The reservoir also connected to the distributional camera of the Oghuz-Gabala-Baku water pipeline in order to connect network systems of the areas fed by existing sources. With this purpose new pumping station was installed in Absheron Reservoirs Complex, 2km of distribution pipeline was laid from this reservoirs complex to the distribution chamber of the Oghuz-Gabala-Baku water pipeline.

 Jeyranbatan Ultra-filtration Water Treatment Plants Complex and Jeyranbatan-Zire transmission main of 83,5km provides Baku and Absheron Peninsula including the residential area of Pirallahi with high quality drinking water.  

On October 28, 2015, the opening ceremony of the complex was held with the participation of President Ilham Aliyev.