Drinking and waste water infrastructures in Yevlakh city are being rebuilt

Created: 06-02-2024 15:07


Within the framework of the State Program on Socio-Economic Development of the Regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the implementation of the reconstruction project of drinking and waste water infrastructures of the city of Yevlakh is in progress. In the first phase of the project implemented by the Azerbaijan State Water Resources Agency, a modern water treatment plant was built to provide the city with stable and high-quality drinking water, and the reconstruction of the drinking water network in the city area was started.

In order to provide the city of Yevlakh with stable and high-quality drinking water, a complex of water purification devices with a sand filter technology with a capacity of 20,000 cubic meters per day was built on the bank of the Kura River. In 2023, the construction of the new drinking water network in Yevlakh city was started. In the past period, 28 km of distribution network was built. Subscribers from the new network were given a home connection and meters were installed. The complete reconstruction of the drinking and waste water networks of the city will be implemented in the next stages of the project.


The reconstruction of drinking water network in Yevlakh city will be continued in 2024. 70,000 residents will benefit from the implementation of the project, taking into account the prospective development until 2035.

It should be noted that the existing drinking and waste water supply systems in the city of Yevlakh were created in 1950-1970. The existing drinking water network covers 60 percent of the city, and the waste water network covers only 20 percent, and has become unusable.