Cases of illegal water supply were detected in Nasimi district

Created: 07-06-2023 15:36


In accordance with the Action Plan for ensuring efficient use of water resources approved by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, the State Water Resources Agency of Azerbaijan continues comprehensive measures to detect illegal use of drinking water, minimize water losses and prevent wastage.

During the control measures implemented, it was discovered that "Takhta Cafe" located at 36 Asif Maharramov Street, Nasimi district, was using water illegally. The owner claims that the water meter in the cafe was stolen. But for some reason, he does not receive and submit the relevant document from the law enforcement agencies regarding the fact of theft. In addition to refusing to install a new water meter, the entrepreneur also does not pay debts incurred for previous periods. Moreover, by laying an off-meter line to the facility, he continues to use water illegally. Due to the illegal use of water, the water supply of the facility was stopped a week ago, but the entrepreneur continued to steal water by connecting to the water network again. The illegally drawn line was again canceled and a statement of damages was drawn up.


All detected illegal connections have been removed. It was brought to the attention of the facility owners that the illegal and off-meter use of drinking water leads to the violation of hydraulic regimes in the networks, serious water losses, and deterioration of the water supply of other subscribers living in those areas. In order to prevent such illegal situations, measures will be continued regularly, arbitrarily drawn and off-meter lines will be canceled, and law enforcement agencies will be contacted to take strict control measures against individuals and legal entities who commit these acts.

It should be noted that in January-May 2023, 7316 cases were detected, and 31 cases were detected in Nasimi district, and more than 50 cases were submitted to law enforcement agencies for investigation.