Meeting of the working group on establishing a drinking water supply system in Shusha city and Dashalti village

Created: 21-04-2022 10:57


   The next meeting of the working group established to prepare a feasibility study and preliminary project documents, in connection with the establishment of drinking water supply system in Shusha city and Dashalti village of Shusha region was held according to the information provided by the Interdepartmental Center under the Coordination Headquarters for the centralized settlement of issues in the liberated territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan, established by the Presidential Order of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated November 24, 2020, The meeting, which took place in Shusha city, was attended by employees and specialists of “Azersu” OJSC and other government agencies included in the working group.

   Information about the urgent work done to restore the drinking water supply to the cultural capital of Azerbaijan, Shusha and promising projects was delivered and presentations on the impact of climate change on water resources were made within the meeting.


   It was noted that after the liberation of Shusha, the activities of Kichik Kirs and Zarisli springs, which supply the city with water, were restored in a short period of time and repair work was carried out on transmission mains and reservoirs. Ongoing landscaping and construction work in the city, new residential and non-residential facilities will significantly increase the demand for drinking water. The productivity of existing sources will not fully meet demand in the summer. Taking into account all this, it is planned to use the water resources of the Zarisli River as an alternative source. Taking into account the perspective development of Shusha city, the design of a new reservoir in the riverbed is being continued to provide sustainable drinking water. It is planned to build a pumping station and a 2.6 km long pressure water pipeline to transport the water collected in the reservoir to be created in the Zarisli River.

  The meeting also discussed perspective projects related to the reconstruction of drinking water and wastewater systems in Shusha, the application of innovative technologies in this area and environmental impact assessment.

   Members of the working group inspected the construction site of the new reservoir and got acquainted with the geographical position and relief of the area.