A drinking water project is launched in Khirmandali village of Bilasuvar region

Created: 28-04-2021 16:44


“Azersu” OJSC continues to implement drinking water projects in the villages and settlements suffering from water shortage. A new project has been launched to improve the drinking water supply of a part of Khirmandali village of Bilasuvar region due to the internal resources of the joint-stock company.

Khirmandali village, one of the largest settlements in the district, has suffered from the drinking water scarcity for many years. About 10,000 residents of the village met their drinking water needs by transporting or using ditch water.

Construction of the transmission main from Shirvan-Mugan group water pipeline to Bilasuvar city has created opportunities for water supply of a number of villages, including Khirmandali village of Bilasuvar region. In accordance with the Presidential Order of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On additional measures to improve the supply of drinking water", a drinking water project covering a certain part of the village Khirmandali was implemented in 2017. Within the framework of this project, 9.5 km of water line was laid in the village, 52 springs were installed for the general use of the population. The project covered part of Khirmandali village and benefited about 4,000 residents.

A project has been developed by “Azersu” OJSC to improve the supply of drinking water to the rest of the village. The project, implemented at the expense of internal resources, envisages the construction of 13 km long water lines with pipes of different diameters in the village. 120 springs for public use will be installed in the area covered by the new network.

The construction is expected to be completed in June. Thus, another 6,000 residents of the village will be provided with quality drinking water.

It should be noted that, in addition to Bilasuvar region, drinking water supply improvement projects are being implemented in the villages and settlements of Hajigabul, Saatli, Tovuz, Absheron regions, as well as Binagadi, Sabail, Sabunchu, Surakhani, Khazar districts of Baku due to the internal resources of “Azersu” OJSC.