Module-type water purification facilities


As a result of consistent measures to improve population's supply with quality drinking water in Azerbaijan in 2007-2017, 460 module-type water treatment facilities were installed in 28 regions. Due to these facilities, 693,000 people are provided with drinking water in 481 residential areas.

Exact monitoring of the quantitative and qualitative indicators of water sources for the drinking water needs of the residents across the Kura and Araz rivers was carried out. The results of the monitoring show that there was no underground water in villages where water treatment plants are installed. As the most advantageous option, the existing water sources in the existing surface water sources, which flow about 1,000 meters from the villages, were cleaned and supplied to public. The water sources, pollution rate of the villages, the state of the energy supply in the area and other parameters are based on the design of the treatment facilities and the selection of the technologies used in them.

The capacity of the water treatment plants installed in the villages is estimated to be 20-30 liters per person for drinking water per day, and drinking water from each of the villages is delivered via a water repellent network.

 In 2010-2017 the operation of the facilities was carried out by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. Since 2018 these facilities have been operated by "Azersu" OJSC.