Shamkirchay water treatment plant


Formation of Shamkirchay reservoir reserves by domestic sources is of strategic importance for the country's water security. In addition to irrigation of cropping territories, the reservoir with 164 million cubic meters capacity commissioned in 2014, contributes to the provision of drinking water to the population in the western region of the country. It is decided to use the reservoir as a source of drinking water as well, taking into account that the water collected here meets the drinking water standards, as it goes through natural stagnation. The reservoir located at the height from Ganja, Shamkir and Samukh, in terms of relief, it provides sustainable water supply to residential areas in a self- flow regime. 

Taking into account all this, a water treatment plant with a capacity of 140,000 cubic meters per day or 1.6 cubic meters per second has been built near the reservoir by the order of “Azersu” OJSC. The Shamkirchay water treatment facilities complex is the largest drinking water treatment facility in the regions of Azerbaijan.



The construction of the complex was launched in 2016. For this purpose, 3.3 hectares were allocated in the southern part of Ashagi Seifeli village of Shamkir region, near Shamkirchay reservoir. After the excavation and clamping works carried out in the area, the construction of buildings and facilities had begun. The building of filters that occupies main part of the complex, 3 reservoirs with a total capacity of 7,500 cubic meters, 2 management and 6 valves cameras, administrative and support buildings were constructed. Construction- installation work was completed at the late 2019.

According to the project, the water supply of the facility is carried out through an irrigation canal separated from the Shamkirchay reservoir. A pumping station has been built to take the required amount of water from the canal. The railing for trapping large particles in the water, a water control valve, as well as a flow meter to measure the volume of water transferred to the treatment plant were installed here. A raw water line with 1400 mm diameter steel pipes was built from the water intake point to the treatment plant. The water supplied to the unit via the carrier line first is neutralized and enters the distribution chamber of the filter building.

7 filter blocks consisting of 14 sections had been built here for water purification and filtration. In order to purify water in accordance with the standards, a filter layer consisting of 120 sm thick 0.8-20 mm fraction of quartz sand was created in each filter block. 1,100 cubic meters of quartz sand were used to create the filter layer. The water passing through the sand filters is treated and transferred to the collector and then to 3 reservoirs with a capacity of 2500 cubic meters each.

It should be noted that to ensure the safety of water supplied to the population, disinfection is carried out both before and after the processing. For this purpose, a neutralization station was built in the complex, where 4 dosing equipment with a total capacity of 28 kg per hour, 3 pumps and an analyzer were installed. The turbidity of the water, the amount of residual chlorine, hydrogen index, temperature and the electrical conductivity is determined here.

All technological processes in the devise- water volume, pressure, processing and quality control at each stage are fully automated and the whole process is controlled by SCADA control center.

The filters are washed in accordance with the regulations to ensure the continuity of the processing in the device. For this purpose, the plant is equipped with 3 operating and one spare water pumps with a capacity of 1,500 cubic meters per hour and 2 compressors with a total capacity of 6,600 cubic meters per hour. During backwashing, the high-pressure water filters, which contain a mixture of air, removes suspended solids and sludge. The backwashing process is carried out in a sequential mode. When the backwashing is in progress one part of the device, water is being processed in other parts. This, in turn, ensures the continuity of the processing.

Heating and cooling systems have been installed in the new facility to carry out technological processes in normal conditions. To provide the plant with stable electricity, a power unit was built and a transformer with a capacity of 1,000 kilowatts of amperes was installed. To ensure the stability of the processing during future power breaks, the plant is also equipped with a backup generator with a capacity of 1250 kilowatt-amperes. At the same time, a building is being constructed for the personal use of the facilities, and the building is equipped with a SCADA center, staff and meeting rooms and other necessary equipment.

In general, 13 km of pipes of different diameters, 28 km of power lines, 7.5 km of fiber-optic cables were laid, 56 valves, 9 meters, 9 pumps and 2 compressors were installed within the Shamkirchay water treatment plant project. 1220 tons of reinforcement, 28 tons of metal structures, 10,000 cubic meters of concrete were used in the construction. 30,000 cubic meters of land, 11,100 square meters of asphalt, 11,600 square meters of landscaping, 1,700 trees and flower bushes have been planted in the complex. Specialists specializing in this field were involved in the construction and installation of individual parts of the complex.

A 27.5 km long transmission main was laid to transport treated water from the Shamkirchay water treatment plant to Ganja and connected to the city's reservoir complex. The construction of a 10 km transmission main to provide Samukh with drinking water from the Ganja reservoir to the city had been completed. These pipelines have been used to improve the water supply of the surrounding villages of Samukh region, as well as a number of villages of Goygol region. At the same time, a 16.5-kilometer-long transmission main was built from the facility to Shamkir and connected to the city network. The water supply to the cities of Ganja and Shamkir and Samukh from the facility is ensured.

About 100,000 cubic meters of 140,000 cubic meters of water to be processed in the complex per day will be directed to Ganja, 16,000 cubic meters to Shamkir, 8,000 cubic meters to Samukh, and the rest part to the villages along the main pipeline route. In total, more than 450,000 people will be provided with quality and uninterrupted drinking water at the expense of the complex.

Opening ceremony of Shamkirchay Water Treatment Plant Complex was held on March 3, 2020 with President Ilham Aliyev’ participation.