Human Resources

One of the main aims of “Azersu” OJSC is to develop the management of human resources. Presently human resources issue is in the foreground in production field as well as in all areas of the life in the most developed countries. Of course, our country pays special attention to this issue too.

   In December 2011,  Human resources Department was established for selection of the staff, recruitment, the effective positioning and transfer, planning career growth, increasing the level of professionalism, evolution of service, review to suggestions and opinions of employees and improvement of other relevant works in “Azersu” OJSC. This step of “Azersu” OJSC is aimed at ensuring the elimination of the subjective factors in recruitment process. Recruitment process is carried out on the announcement of the Human resources division on vacant places. The knowledge and experience of candidates is controlled. The main factor is the management of human resources the professional quality of the candidates. In the forming of a strong capacity the main factor is the management of human resources. The new department will allow the professional management of human resources from one center.

The main principles in placement of personnel and increasing in positioning in “Azersu” OJSC are testing the knowledge of employees according to their specification, work experience according to the position and profession taking into account their profession skills.

   “Azersu” OJSC declares announcements ab vacant places in the “Human Resources” section of www.azersu.az web-site. 

   After testing their level of knowledge and professionalism by HR department, candidates who meet the official instrument and qualification requirements of relevant profession are included in personnel reserve and appointed to the vacancies according to their profession.

   Note that recruitment is carried out through competition. At the first stage of the competition is carried out on testing the second stage of the competition is personal interview held by a group consisting of “Azersu” OJSC specialists.

    Please send your CVs to hr@azersu.az   e-mail address.