Protection of water meters from freezing in frosty weather should be considered

Created: 24-01-2024 15:02


According to hydro meteorological forecasts, unstable and frosty weather conditions are expected in the territory of our country, especially in the Absheron peninsula in the coming days. These days, serious attention should be paid to the protection of drinking water lines and meters from freezing.

Azerbaijan State Water Resources Agency delivers to consumers that necessary preventive measures should be taken to avert the failure of meters installed in individual houses and yards, as well as in commercial facilities from freezing on frosty days. During the night, when there is more frost, the inlet valve of the meter should be closed, the outlet valve should be kept open, and the lid of the meter boxes should be closed meters should be protected with dry wood chips inside the meter box. At the same time, it is important to insulate open pipes in individual courtyard houses.

Subscribers can address the Call center 955 of "Azersu" OJSC, which operates 24 hours a day, in connection with the problems encountered in the operation of drinking water supply and meters in frosty weather.