An agreement signed between the Azerbaijan State Water Resources Agency and Israel's Mekorot Water Company

Created: 08-09-2023 11:08

Azerbaijan State Water Resources Agency held a meeting with representatives of Israel's Mekorot Water Company at "Azersu" OJSC.

The chairman of the Azerbaijan State Water Resources Agency, Zaur Mikayilov, delivered the information about the affairs carried out in connection with the reconstruction of the drinking and waste water supply systems carried out in our country under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev, and brought to attention the fact that the experience of the world's leading companies was used in the implementation of the projects: " The implementation of the pilot project in the field of drinking water production by desalination of sea water has been started to improve the water supply of Baku city and surrounding areas, by the Decree signed by Mr. President on April 12, 2023. Cooperation with Israeli companies in the field of water processing of the Caspian Sea is of particular importance."

Amir Lang, the chairman of the board of directors of Israel's national water operator Mekorot Water Company, stated that 90 percent of the demand for drinking water in his country is met by the company he represents, and approximately 60 percent of the water supplied to consumers is obtained by desalination of sea water. Mekorot Water Company and its subsidiaries are currently cooperating with a number of countries around the world in the field of seawater desalination and water management.

An agreement between the Azerbaijan State Water Resources Agency "Azersu" OJSC and Mekorot Water Company was signed on the provision of technical consulting services within the framework of the sea water desalination project. Detailed views were exchanged on future cooperation issues in the drinking water supply sector within the meeting.