A person demanding money from subscribers in exchange for the cancellation of receivables appeared in Absheron district

Created: 07-01-2023 12:05


A person who presented himself as an employee of "Azersu" OJSC and tried to demand money from citizens appeared in Absheron district. From the photo taken by one of the subscribers and investigations, it turned out that the person is Abbasov Shahin Nadir oglu, who was previously employed at "Azersu" OJSC and was later dismissed.

Sh. Abbasov presented himself as "Azersu" OJSC employee in Khirdalan city, Masazir, Gobu, Hökmeli, Saray settlements and Atyalı residential area. He selected the subscribers with more receivables and told them that in exchange for paying a part of the debt in cash, the remaining part will be completely written off. In this way, he managed to deceive several subscribers.

"Azersu" OJSC informs subscribers that it is impossible to write off receivables by such illegal methods and they should not be deceived by such offers. Moreover, they must demand a service card from those who approach the apartments and introduce themselves as employees of "Azersu" OJSC. Do not fulfill the requirements of those who do not present a service card and do not answer their questions. If they come across such illegal acts and suspicious circumstances, they should immediately inform the 955 Call Center.

Subscribers are requested not to pay cash to anyone, including the employees of "Azersu" OJSC, approaching their address and pay for the drinking supply and waste water services via the Internet (azersu.az website, e-su.az portal, various payment websites ), through banks, post offices and payment terminals.