Water supply to debtor subscribers in Hajimelik settlement and Mollajalilli village of Goygol district was temporarily suspended.

Created: 18-11-2022 17:28


The water supply in Hajimelik settlement and Mollajalilli village of Goygol region, was temporarily stopped due to the large amount of debt collected by the residents for drinking water in these areas. Therefore, it was decided to stop water supply as a necessary measure to attract subscribers to pay and executive bodies and municipalities were informed about this in advance.

A total of 147,000 AZN receivables were incurred for the water used by residents in Hajimelik settlement and Mollajalilli village of Goygol district. Only 43 out of 312 subscribers pay service fees in Hajimelik settlement. 269 subscribers who did not pay the service fee incurred a debt of 74,698 AZN (an average of 278 AZN per subscriber) for drinking water.

 Only 56 out of 416 subscribers pay the service fee in Mollajalilli village. Other 360 subscribers have 72,408 AZN of receivables (an average of 201 AZN per subscriber).

It should be noted that the existing water supply systems of residential areas do not allow individual termination of water supply to debtor subscribers. Taking these into account, subscribers who pay the service fee on time are provided with drinking water individually by water trucks and 18-ton water trucks have been allocated for this purpose.

"Azersu" OJSC asks subscribers to pay service fees on time and in full. We inform you that the level of services provided depends on the subscribers' payments.