Civil defense training was held to eliminate emergency situations

Created: 20-07-2022 15:34


    In accordance with the Civil Defense Action Plan of “Azersu” OJSC for 2022, a civil defense training on "Management of civil defense bodies and forces during emergency situations" was held at the “Ganja Sukanal” SJSC area. The training involved in total 60 people- the commander-in-chief and personnel of the civil defense forces, non-civil defense personnel.

 The purpose of the facility's civil defense training was to teach each participant the rules of operation during the implementation of security and other civil defense measures in emergencies, as well as the ability to make decisions and rescue civilians during emergency rescue and other emergency operations and to improve the interaction of groups.


     During the training, the civil defense teams were fully staffed and equipped with security equipment. The adequacy of logistics and all civil defense equipment at the training sites was checked and attention was paid to the preparation of imitation sites (destruction, water pipeline accidents, poisoning, fire, etc.). Preparation of shelters during the training, evacuation of workers to safe places, distribution of personal, medical and fire protection equipment, rescue operations, etc. The state of preparation for such events was also checked.

During the training, the civil defense forces conditionally protected the emergency area, restricted access to the area, extinguished the fire, rescued the poisoned, search and rescue, provided first aid to the victims and evacuated workers to safe areas.

At the end, the results of the exercise were analyzed and relevant recommendations were given to the commander-in-chief and personnel of the civil defense forces.