25 thousand residents’ drinking water problem in 14 villages has been solved


Measures to improve the water supply in villages and settlements with drinking water shortages are being continued in accordance with the State Program on Socio- Economic Development of Regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Creation of new drinking water supply systems in the provinces that in general encompasses 41 residential areas in 19 regions, is realized within the Decree signed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev dated April 9, 2018 on “Additional Measures to improve the Population’s Drinking Water Supply” as well as the public investment program.

At present work in 30 provinces of 13 districts is carried out within the framework of the Decree on “Additional Measures to improve the Population’s Drinking Water Supply” and in 11 villages of 6 districts within the public investment program. According to the Project, it is planned to drill 14 sub-artesian wells, construct 7 water reservoirs, 414 km water lines of different diameters, 9 water towers, 4 pumping stations, 1359 fountains for public use and reconstruction of 4 existing reservoirs.

9 sub-artesian wells were drilled, 318 km of water lines were constructed and 913 fountains were installed as a result of the construction works. Installation of new networks and fountains in 25 villages has been completed over the past period. In 14 of these provinces the supply of drinking water was provided and in the remaining villages the work is under completion. 25 thousand residents’ drinking water problem in Astarkhanovka, Vladimirovka, Garabulagh of Oghuz region, in Yeni Gun of Aghstafa, in Mammadkhanli of Masalli, in Ikinci Arabjabirli of Goychay region, in Tatarli of Shamkir, in Ashaghi Leyer of Gusar, in Yeni Yashma of Khizi, in Takhtakorpu of Aghjabadi, in Zoghallig of Ismayilli, in Aghbil, Talabigishlag and Digah of Guba has been solved as a result of the implementation of the projects. The supply of drinking water to other villages will be provided by the end of 2018.

In general, over 58 thousand residents’ drinking water supply in 41 residential areas of 19 regions will be improved as a result of the execution of these projects.

It should be noted, in 2017, projects had been implemented in 170 villages of 28 regions in accordance with the Presidential Decree on “Additional Measures to improve the Population’s Drinking Water Supply” and 271000 residents were provided with access to quality drinking water.