New drinking water projects are being implemented in the settlements of Surakhani district


To improve the populations’ drinking water supply and sanitation services Azersu OJSC continues to implement projects in Baku and surrounding settlements. In accordance with the Action Plan of the Joint Stock Company, new projects have been launched in the settlements of Surakhani district.

Projects implemented in Surakhani district are being implemented in stages, covering Bulbule, Amirjan, Garachukhur, Zykh, Yeni Surakhani and D residential area of Yeni Guneshli settlement. There was no centralized drinking water network in some areas covered by the project. The population provided their drinking water needs carrying by car. In some areas, drinking water supply was primarily created by the population and taken via networks used for a long time. It was not possible to provide normal water supply in such residential areas. The bad condition of water lines caused to frequent accidents and water pressure could not be increased. Taking all these into consideration, it was decided to create and reconstruct drinking water supply systems in those areas.


Within the framework of the project, a new water supply network is being established in the Bulbula settlement Samir Aliyev Street and Atamoglan Rzayev and Sattar Bahlulzade streets. Here 18 km long water network is being constructed with various diameter pipes. The subscribers will be provided with mergers from the new network and meters will be installed appropriately. Totally 7,000 people will benefit from the work done in these areas.

To improve the drinking water supply of the D massif of Yeni Gunashli which is located on the height relief, 3.2 km long water lines were laid from pipes of different diameters. As a result of the works, more than 10,000 residents’ drinking water supply will be provided in an uninterrupted mode.

12 km long water networks will be created in the Sherg massif of Garachukhur settlement, as well as Nazim Ismayilov, Yeni Surakhani settlement Vahid Khalilov, Ali Mammadov, Amirjan settlement Malik Mustafayev, Elkhan Hasanov, Park, Vladimir Balandin Streets. Thus, drinking water supply of more than 11,000 residents will be improved in these areas.

In total, more than 33 km of water lines will be drawn and meters will be installed in Surakhani district. 7 km of water lines were constructed shortly after the start of the project. In total, more than 30,000 residents will benefit from the projects implemented in Surakhani district.