Pupils of the Dunya School took a tour to Jeyranbatan Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Plant


The Jeyranbatan Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Plant, which is considered to be one of the world's most unique facilities in the drinking water sector, is welcomed by everyone, regardless of its profession and age. Visits of experts, academics, foreign visitors, students and pupils who represent different areas are regularly organized to the complex. This time, the guests of the complex were primary school students of the Khazar University’s Dunya School.

During the excursion, firstly, the schoolchildren were informed about the benefits of water, the process of its purification and delivery to the population, and the necessity of the use of water economically. It was noted that clean water is important for human health. Especially children suffer from the diseases caused by dirty water. Water scarcity is now a problem for all human beings, and in this regard, it is important for children to develop an early water-saving habits.


Within the framework of the acquaintance with Jeyranbatan Ultrafiltration Water Purifying Complex, the students were informed about the process of processing. The water treated here meets the standards of the World Health Organization and other international organizations. A large part of Baku and the Absheron peninsula, in total more than 1 million residents are provided with quality drinking water due to the complex.

Within the framework of the acquaintance with the complex, the pupils viewed the central management system - SCADA room of management. The students walked around the territory of the Jeyranbatan Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Facility.