A new drinking water project is being implemented in the 20th residential area of Sabail district


    “Azersu” OJSC continues to implement projects to improve the drinking water supply and sanitation services in Baku and surrounding settlements. In accordance with the Action Plan of the Joint Stock Company, drinking water project has been launched in the 20th residential area of Sabail district.

The project, which is being implemented in the 20th residential area of the Sabail district, covers the Gulbala Aliyev, Arif Ismayilov, Chernyakhovski and Yuzbey Mursalov streets. The drinking water supply has been primarily built by the residents in this territory up to date and provided with the drinking water via long-term networks. The people living here were provided with drinking water every other day, in shifts. The bad condition of the existing water lines led to frequent accidents and water pressure could not be increased. Taking into consideration all this, it was decided to reconstruct drinking water supply systems of those streets. Within the framework of the project, 5,4 km of water lines are constructed on the streets with different diameter pipes. Meters will be installed from the new network to each home.


   Within the framework of the project "Reconstruction of the water supply and sewerage systems of Badamdar settlement", a 2.2 km long transmission main was constructed for the purpose of supplying drinking water to 20th residential area from "+190 Badamdar" water reservoir. Using the capacities of the transmission main and the newly built system, more than 30000 people's drinking water supply will be improved.

Following the sustainable provision of water supply to the 20th residential area, the North Pump Station situated in this area will be suspended. Within the framework of the project, construction of 2 km of sewer lines is planned for the collection of sewage discharges run through the open channels in the 20th area.