Chairman of Azerbaijan State Water Resources Agency received citizens in Khachmaz region

Created: 19-05-2023 16:30


Heads of the central executive authorities hold the reception of citizens in the regions and take measures to positively resolve their enquiries, appeals and complaints on various issues in accordance with President Ilham Aliyev’s instructions and recommendations.

According to the reception schedule, Chairman of the Azerbaijan State Water Resources Agency Zaur Mikayilov met with citizens from Khachmaz, Shabran and other regions on May 19 in the administrative bulding of Khachmaz Sukanal Area, heard their appeals, considered their applications and complaints.

  Before the reception, Chairman Zaur Mikayilov and Head of Khachmaz region Executive Authority Elnur Rzayev visited the monument to the national leader Heydar Aliyev, laid flowers at the monument and paid tribute to Great Leader’s memory.


Later, the chairman of the Azerbaijan State Water Resources Agency, Zaur Mikayilov, carefully listened to each citizen’s appeal, and gave relevant instructions for the comprehensive study of the raised issues and their resolution in a short period of time in accordance with the requirements of the legislation. Appeals were mainly related to meeting the demand for irrigation water, concrete lining of canals, digging of new sub-artesian wells, repair and restoration of sub-artesian wells that have been working for a long time, balancing of sub-artesian wells in private farms, meeting the demand for drinking water, reconstruction of sewerage systems and other issues.

Residents expressed their satisfaction with the creation of comfortable and favorable conditions for the reception and processing of citizens' applications in the regions, and expressed their gratitude to President Ilham Aliyev for the attention and care shown. Some of the citizens' appeals were resolved on the spot, and some of the issues raised were taken into control for investigation.