The water supply systems of Mugan settlement of Hajigabul district are being reconstructed

Created: 19-09-2022 16:57


In accordance with the State Program for the socio-economic development of the regions approved by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, "Azersu" Open Joint Stock Company continues to implement projects to improve the supply of drinking water to the rural population in the regions. Implementation of a new project is intended to improving the drinking water supply of Mughan settlement of Hajigabul district.

In the first stage of the project, which was implemented at the expense of the internal capabilities of "Azersu" OJSC, the construction of a 3 km long main carrier water line from the Kur-Baku transmission main and connection to 270 addresses was planned. The construction of 2 km of the line with polyethylene pipes with a diameter of 160 mm had already been completed. The construction and installation work carried out by the Regional Sukanal Branch No. 4 of "Azersu" OJSC on the first stage are expected to be completed in November.


In the next stages of the project, a new network will be created in other areas of Mughan settlement and each subscriber will be provided with a meter. In general, 10.6 km long distribution water lines will be built in Mughan settlement. As a result of the implementation of the project, residents of the settlement will be provided with stable and high-quality drinking water, water losses will be minimized by establishing accurate accounting and waste will be prevented.

It should be noted that the existing water network in Mughan settlement of Hajigabul district was built in the early 1970s. The unusable nature of the existing network, as well as the arbitrary construction of lines by the residents, which did not comply with construction standards, did not allow normal water supply and caused serious water losses. The creation of a new centralized network will not only solve problems in drinking water supply, but will also allow new subscribers to be connected to the water supply system.