Illegal use of water was prevented in Baku and a number of settlements of Absheron region

Created: 17-06-2022 16:01


As a result of control measures carried out in accordance with the "Action Plan for 2020-2022 to ensure the efficient use of water resources" approved by President Ilham Aliyev, illegal use of water was prevented in Baku and a number of settlements in Absheron region.

Cases of unregistered and off-meter use of water were revealed in Digah, Mahammadi and Novkhani settlements of Absheron region. Water robbery was found in a car wash workshop and a restaurant in Mahammadi village. Although these facilities have got meters, water is used from an off-meter line. Although the recreation center in Novkhani settlement did not have a contract and a watermeter, the owner illegally connected the facility to the network and used water illegally. The water supply of the facility was immediately stopped and an act was prepared to calculate the damage. The owners of some private houses in Mohammadi and Digah settlements also used water without registration.

Off-meter use of water in private houses is most common in Turkan settlement of Khazar district. Some residents use water lines for irrigation without meter. One resident even irrigated his fields and illegally supplied water to a nearby quarry. During the inspection of the meter, it was found that it has used only 1 cubic meter of water so far. Some residents use the illegal connection by breaking the seals of the meters.


In Turkan settlement, the meters are mainly installed in the yards, so homeowners do not allow inspectors to inspect the meter. Excavation works are being carried out in the streets to stop the water supply to these houses.

Illegal and wasteful use of drinking water leads to violation of hydraulic regimes in the networks and serious water losses. Such cases also create serious problems in the water supply of other residents living in the area.

”Azersu” OJSC informs citizens and subscribers that global climate change has led to a decrease in the country's freshwater resources and in such circumstances, wasteful use of water is unacceptable. Measures will be taken to prevent such violations, unauthorized and off-meter lines will be eliminated, and law enforcement agencies will be contacted about the perpetrators of such violations.

It should be noted that in January-May 2022, 3841 facts of illegal use of drinking water were revealed by “Azersu” OJSC. Accordingly, consumption in the amount of 1 million 13 thousand cubic meters was restored. In January-May this year, more than 100 facts of illegal use of water were submitted to law enforcement agencies for investigation.