A wastewater treatment plant is being built in Gakh

Created: 07-01-2022 15:44


Necessary measures are being taken in our country to solve environmental problems under the President Ilham Aliyev’s leadership who considers the protection of ecological stability and protection of the environment a priority. Among these measures, wastewater management, treatment and disposal without harming the environment are important.

New facilities are being built for the treatment and neutralization of wastewater within the water and sewerage projects implemented in the regions in accordance with the state program on socio-economic development of the regions,. Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 2,000 cubic meters per day has begun in Gakh, which has great tourism potential. Reinforced concrete work had been completed in the mechanical part of the facility and construction work is underway in the biological part of the project. After the commissioning of the facility, wastewater generated in Gakh will be completely neutralized and removed.

It should be noted that the creation of drinking and wastewater infrastructure in the city of Gakh, as well as in the villages of Gakhingloy and Gakhbash is completed at the expense of the state budget. The project has built 119 km of drinking water and 81 km of wastewater networks and improved access to drinking water supply and sanitation services for 28,000 people.

In general, the implementation of projects for the reconstruction of drinking water and sewerage systems in 54 cities and regional centers has been launched up to date. Construction of water and sewerage systems had been completed in 32 and water networks in 12 of them. At the same time, new wastewater treatment plants were built and put into operation in 22 cities and construction of facilities is underway in 7 cities.