Uninterrupted service is organized in Kalbajar region

Created: 25-11-2021 10:35


According to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev’s instructions, “Azersu” OJSC continues to work on the restoration and reconstruction of water supply systems in the liberated territories. “Azersu” OJSC took urgent measures to supply water to the city and water supply to military and civilian facilities in the liberated Kalbajar region.

According to the Coordination Headquarters established for the centralized solution of issues in the liberated territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan, after the liberation of Kalbajar region, the restoration of drinking water supply systems of the regional center has been started. To provide sustainable drinking water to the personnel performing their duties in the region, as well as the civilian population involved in construction and installation work, uninterrupted service is organized in Kalbajar, necessary work is being done on water sources, main pipelines and warehouses.



As the drinking water sources in the Kalbajar region were rendered unusable during the occupation, water intake facilities were installed at the confluence of the Zvel and Garakhach rivers and were used as a source of drinking water. Damaged parts were repaired at 96 points of the existing 27 km long 220 mm diameter steel transmission main drawn from the water source to the city of Kalbajar and water supply was provided to the city. Employees of the Regional Sukanal Department No. 7 of “Azersu” OJSC have washed and disinfected 4 reservoirs with a total capacity of 116 cubic meters. Repair work has been carried out in the damaged parts of the drinking water network in Kalbajar. After the restoration of the water supply system, civilian and military facilities in the area were provided with sustainable drinking water. So far, 28 military and civilian facilities and about 40 private houses have been provided with drinking water in Kalbajar.

 In order to improve the quality of service and improve the working conditions of employees in Kalbajar region, one of the useless buildings was repaired and put into operation.

It should be noted that, in addition to Kalbajar region, “Azersu” OJSC organized uninterrupted service in Shusha city, Hadrut, Talysh and Sugovushan settlements. The service area created in Hadrut settlement serves to Jabrayil, Fuzuli, Zangilan districts and Kalbajar Sukanal area also serves to Lachin district.