Immediate measures have been launched to ensure sustainable water supply to Shusha

Created: 04-05-2021 16:11


In accordance with the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev’s instructions, “Azersu” OJSC has started to take urgent measures to ensure a stable supply of drinking water to the city of Shusha. These measures are implemented in the framework of ensuring the stable operation of existing water supply systems and the implementation of other vital infrastructure projects.

According to the Coordination Headquarters established for the centralized solution of issues in the liberated territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan, an Urgent Action Program has been developed and launched to provide the city of Shusha with sustainable drinking water. According to the Action Plan, reconstruction works will be carried out at Kichik Kirs and Zarisli water intake facilities, which provide Shusha city with drinking water. A 6 km distribution water line and 3 reservoirs with a capacity of 500 cubic meters each will be built in the city laying a new transmission main from the Kichik Kirs source to Shusha.

Within the framework of these measures, the reconstruction of the Fizuli-Shusha highway, which is currently under construction, as well as the transmission main passing through the power plant and which has been in operation for many years, have been started. For this purpose, a new 1.8 km long transmission main is being laid with steel pipes from the intake facilities near the city of Shusha to the reservoir in the city.



Transportation of machinery, steel pipes and other materials to be used in the construction of the pipeline to Shusha has been provided. Currently, construction work is underway along the Lachin-Shusha highway.

During the construction of the transmission main, each weld is inspected with special equipment in accordance with the technical requirements, and after the relevant opinion is given these parts are insulated both inside and outside. These pipes are insulated from the inside with special paints to keep the water quality stable.The construction of the intersection of the new transmission main with the route of the main highway to Shusha will be completed soon.

The new project envisages the management of water supply from one node by connecting the main pipelines supplying Shusha with drinking water. Thus, water currently transported from the Kichik Kirs source is transferred to the reservoir complex situated in the city from the intake facility, and from the Zarisli source directly. The implementation of the new project will allow connecting both pipelines to the intake chamber and transporting water from here to the city by one pipeline.


It should be noted that, along with the construction of the new highway, regulation work is being carried out in the city network and “Azersu” OJSC has organized uninterrupted service in the city to eliminate possible accidents.

According to the new General Plan of Shusha, the city's drinking water and waste water networks will be reconstructed, drinking and wastewater treatment plants will be built.