A drinking water project is launched in Yevlakh

Created: 22-04-2021 15:56


Reconstruction of drinking water supply infrastructure of Yevlakh city has started within the State Program for Socio-Economic Development of the regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The first stage of the project for the reconstruction of water supply and sewerage systems in the city of Yevlakh, implemented on the basis of President Ilham Aliyev’s order, envisages the construction of a water treatment plant and reservoir complex.

The Kura River is chosen as a source to provide the city of Yevlakh with sustainable drinking water, and the construction of a sand-filter treatment plant with a capacity of 20,000 cubic meters per day is planned on the river bank. It is planned to build a pumping station and install 5 pumps to transfer water from the river to existing reservoirs and treatment plants. After the treatment process, fresh water will be collected in 2 reservoirs with a total volume of 2,500 cubic meters. Currently, the construction of reservoirs is under completion. The water collected in the reservoirs will be transferred to the distribution network via transmission mains. The treatment plant will be equipped with 9 disinfection pumps, a transformer and a generator for power supply of the complex.


In the next phase of the project, the city's drinking water and wastewater networks will be reconstructed. 135 km of drinking water network will be built in Yevlakh and meters will be installed for subscribers. It is planned to reconstruct a 33 km section of the wastewater network. Thus, the length of the existing wastewater network in the city will be increased up to 125 km. To treat and discharge wastewater generated in the city, the construction of a treatment plant with a capacity of 12,500 cubic meters per day is also planned. It should be noted that, drinking and waste water networks built in 1960-1970 are currently operating in Yevlakh. The existing networks do not fully cover the city and have reached the end of their service life.