Water meters should be protected from freezing in frosty weather

Created: 23-02-2021 16:32

According to weather forecast, unstable and frosty weather is expected in the territory of our country in the next few days. These days, serious attention should be paid to the protection of drinking water lines and meters from freezing.

“Azersu” OJSC informs consumers that the necessary preventive measures should be taken to prevent the damage of meters from freezing installed in private homes and yards, as well as in commercial facilities as a result on frosty days. The meter inlet valve must be closed, the outlet valve must be kept open, and the meter box cover must be closed to prevent water from remaining inside the meter at night when there is more frost.

These days, the service areas of Azersu OJSC will operate in an intensified mode. Subscribers can apply to 955 "Hotline" service of "Azersu" OJSC, which operates 24 hours a day, in connection with the problems encountered in the operation of drinking water supply and meters in frosty weather.

In accordance with paragraph 6.4 on "Water Use" Rules approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the consumer is responsible for the maintenance of watermeters (meters) installed in apartments, private houses and courtyards. It is brought to the attention of subscribers that if meters installed in private houses and backyards, as well as for non-residential consumers are damaged by any external interference (broken meters, to see damage on frosty days, etc.), they are replaced with new ones at the subscribers’ expense.