Subscribers are asked to create conditions for reading mechanical meters in apartments and courtyards

Created: 05-02-2021 17:00


According to the decision of the Tariff Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan, reports on the use of drinking water and wastewater services are made at new tariffs beginning from February 1, 2021. The introduction of new tariffs has also raised the issue of reading mechanical meters and making calculations.

It is brought to the attention of subscribers that “Azersu” OJSC has developed special software to determine the consumption of mechanical water meters. This program calculates the average daily water consumption based on the previous and last meter readings. Accordingly, calculations are made according to the number of days when the previous and new tariffs are valid. All calculations are performed with special software, without any human factor.


However, in some cases, there are requests from citizens to read the meters on the spot and obtain accurate readings. There are some difficulties in reading mechanical meters, especially inside apartments and courtyards. Subscribers are asked to create conditions to ensure the reading of mechanical meters installed in apartments and courtyards.

Subscribers are informed that the meter reading will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of social isolation measures (wearing a medical mask, maintaining social distance).

Subscribers can also provide the actual meter readings themselves. “Azersu” OJSC has created alternative opportunities for this. Thus, subscribers can submit meter readings by selecting the service "Submission of meter readings by consumers and formation of invoices" by the Electronic Water Portal (e-su.az), e-services section of azersu.az, as well as using Facebook and Telegram social networks. can do.